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frequently asked questions

Is teacher training right for me?

In short, if you are open to learning and growing alongside like-minded peers, this program will serve you 100%! You will be best prepared if you are comfortable with basic yoga poses and sequences (Sun As and Sun Bs). If the above is true and you have been thinking about becoming a yoga teacher, then heck yes! The time is now!


Am I allowed to do Level 1 now, and Level 2 later (1+ years from now)?

You bet. We will be offering at least one Level 1 and one Level 2 training each year so if you are not ready to commit to the full 200-hours just yet, no problem. Do Level 1 now and hop into a Level 2 when the time is right.


Can I still get the discount ($200) if I apply for the Level 1 now and eventually decide I want to complete Level 2? 

Unfortunately, no. The discount is for those that are ready to commit into the full 200-hour program now. If the Level 2 dates do not work for you, sign up for full 200-hours (with the discount), complete Level 1 then register for a future Level 2 program that fits your schedule.


What if I have a scheduling conflict with one or more days?

If your ultimate goal is to complete the 200-hour program, all dates and times are required to earn your certification. Every day will be loaded with information and important experiences you will not want to miss. If you must miss hours, you will need to make them up by coordinating times with Emily. Additional costs may be necessary. Contact us if you have concerns.


When do I need to pay the total fee?

Upon being accepted, you may make payments as needed to pay the remaining balance. The total payment must be complete by the first day of each week of training (Level 1 cost must be made before Day 1, Week 1. Level 2 cost must be paid before Day 1, Week 2).



What if Power Vinyasa is not my style of choice? Will I Iearn how to teach other styles of yoga?

While the training will be based on a Power Vinyasa class structure, we believe this structure prepares you to teach so many other class styles. The training also includes practice teaching different populations and various workshops to suit you! We assure you will feel equipped to teach the classes that speak to you by the end of the 200-hours.



Can I participate in trainings if I am a previous YTT-grad or want to use the trainings as continuing education?

You sure can! Our programs are open to new trainees as well as those who have previously graduated from our YTT program, those who want to brush up on their teaching skills, or teachers who want to participate in trainings for continuing education credit. Please email us at to see which level is right for you and to register.

dates, times + pricing

If you are unable to view all dates and times, please use a desktop computer or laptop .



Yoga + Co. - Des Moines, Iowa in 2021

Virtual Dates + Times (CST):

Weekend 1:

Friday, July 23rd:                                               6 pm - 9 pm

Saturday, July 24th:                                           9 am - 2 pm

Sunday, July 25th:                                             9 am - 2 pm


Weekend 2:

Friday, August 13th:                                           6 pm - 9 pm

Saturday, August 14th:                                       9 am - 2 pm

Sunday, August 15th:                                         9 am - 2 pm

In - Person Dates + Times (CST):

Wednesday, July 28th:                                       6 pm - 9 pm

Thursday, July 29th:                                           7 am - 9 pm

Friday, July 30th:                                               7 am - 9 pm

Saturday, July 31st:                                            7 am - 9 pm

Sunday, August 1st:                                           7 am - 4 pm


Pricing includes all training sessions, Level 1 manual, daily yoga classes, in-depth teaching practice, and workshops. 

Price: $1500

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Denver, Colorado in 2022

In - Person Dates + Times (CST):

Saturday, July 23rd:                                           7 am - 9 pm

Sunday, July 24th:                                             7 am - 9 pm

Monday, July 25th:                                            7 am - 9 pm

Tuesday, July 26th:                                             7 am - 9 pm

Wednesday, July 27th:                                       7 am - 9 pm

Thursday, July 28th:                                           7 am - 9 pm

Friday, July 29th:                                               7 am - 9 pm

Saturday, July 30th:                                           7 am - 4 pm

Pricing includes all training sessions, Level 2 manual, daily yoga classes, in-depth teaching practice, workshops, and all qualifications to become a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.

Price: $1500

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Full 200-hour Program






See all dates + times listed above for both Level 1 and Level 2.


As a way to celebrate those that are ready to dive fully into this full 200-hour training, you will receive a $250 discount on the total cost.


This discounted rate includes all elements listed both under Level 1 and Level 2 training above. 

Price: $2750