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start date:

september 3rd, 2024

It's time to get out of your own way, my love! Peace out overwhelm and self-doubt. Hello, clarity and radical confidence.

The world is waiting for the magic that only YOU can offer. Your time is now.


Is this Program the right fit for me?

Great question. Let's look at the 3 types of women this mentorship is suited for.

You know that your current situation is not the end of the road for you. You're meant for more but don't quite know what that looks like yet. 

YOU have big ideas and need help getting clear.
You know the ideas that keep you up at night? They are yours for a reason. And you are ready to ditch the overwhelm and start bringing them to life.

YOU WANT TO FINE-TUNE your focus and grow your biz.
You already have a biz, passion project, or side hustle. You're ready to feel more aligned in your focus, create systems that are authentic to you, and drastically grow your impact + bank account.

This mentorship is for you if you feel you've been postponing your dreams. You feel ready to transform from the inside out, gain clarity around your purpose and unique superpowers, and take aligned action towards actualizing it all - with life-changing tools and support!


Really take a moment to imagine what these would feel like for you.

Imagine knowing yourself inside and out to the point of moving past your blocks and limitations and into your true power and unique gifts. No one is you. Once you uncover all parts of who you are, you get to bring it all to the table

FREEDOm and flow.
Imagine feeling so clear in your vision and in who you are that comparison-itis doesn't phase you. You understand, deep down to your bones, that being authentically you is the key to attracting and achieving everything you desire. 

Aligned action.
Imagine waking up knowing exactly what you get to do to move the needle forward in your life and in your business. Confusion, overwhelm, and copying others are a thing of the past. You are aligned and taking action based on your unique zone of genius and it feels freakin' incredible!

Imagine feeling super jazzed about everything you are up to that it never feels like work. You have internal motivation paired with a squad of hype women cheering you on as you crush one goal after another. You are officially living the life you once only dreamed about.

Witnessing your impact.
Imagine seeing your ideas, goals, routines, business, or services come to life. You did it! It feels so good and in flow! And the response from others is beyond your wildest expectations. You've never felt more grounded in who you are how you get to impact the lives of your dream community. (Cue the *all the feels* moment.)

Word on the street...

"This program is for you - whether you are wanting to grow a podcast, start a business, connect with other women, or learn more about yourself, you will benefit from this program. The Hype Girl Mentorship program allowed me to identify my core values, limiting beliefs, and ultimately accept my authentic self to live a more vibrant, unapologetic life.
Emily ensures each Hype Girl gets the tailored experience she needs to fully embrace and step into her power. From the inner work to the business tools and everything in between, this program has it all."
Haley Hines
"I was feeling a bit lost both personally and professionally. I was missing some of my creative fire and I was chasing all sorts of ideas but nothing felt right or was working. I had stalled. I needed clarity and focus and direction.
As a soloprenuer, you don't have a person to help you bring all your thoughts into focus. You need a coach. Emily took both my personal strengths and needs into account when helping me reach the clarity I was searching for. I can't imagine where I would be right now had I not made the choice to put myself first and to do the work. It is thrilling to be on this side of the breakthrough and to see my path.
I now have a group of women I can rely on for support should I need it, I have tools to use for future stalls or bumps in the road and I absolutely will call on Emily to coach me again when I am ready to take on the next adventure in my personal or business life."
IVY TOWLER @personalbrandphotographyivy
"I just can’t sum it up. I honestly can’t even explain in words the difference I feel on the inside. What’s amazing about you Emily and this program is, looking back, I know this more authentic version of me was always in me. I saw her and visualized her but to get to her just wasn’t something I could do on my own.
I intended to use this mentorship as a way to become more clear on my business path but I gained more than I would have ever imagined."

Ok, em. TEll me more!

I hear ya. Let me lay it all out for you.

this 12-week MENTORSHIP includes:

Your home for all things movement and mi

Plus, Lifetime access to all content + trainings!

(including any additions or updates made in the future)

Meet Emily (aka your head hype girl)

500 RYT, IIN Holistic Health + Life Coach, Kettlebell Trainer, Mindset Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, and Serial Entrepreneur


Before launching and selling out online courses,

destination retreats, 200-hour yoga teacher

trainings, and transformational events...

Emily was stuck. 


She let overwhelm, fear of failure, and a lack

of "readiness" rule her life.

Since then, she's done the work. She's made mistakes of all magnitudes and rode out a longer than desired learning curve...


All so you don't have to make her same mistakes!

This mentorship is packed with over a decade of experience and tools she's accumulated on her journey.

Every element of this has been intentionally assembled to give you the greatest transformation from the inside out.

Ok. Ok.

You're getting excited + want more details.

I see you. I like to know every detail too. Check this out!


THe Hype Girl Workbook

This 100-page workbook is packed with invaluable exercises and resources that will launch you into the life and person you crave. You will be guided through it systematically and can return to it even beyond the program. It's pure gold!

The Group Coaching Calls.

Once per week, join your fellow hype women for 90-minute sessions to dive deeper into the weekly content, ask questions, receive feedback, learn from guest speakers, and more.

The 1:1 Calls with Emily.

One of Emily's superpowers is meeting you exactly where you are while simultaneously guiding you into your fullest potential. This specialized bi-weekly support will be tailored to your personal and/or professional needs and desires.

Module 1: Alignment Audit.

Taking aligned action towards your goals is e-ver-y-thing! Without alignment, you may aimlessly wander and endlessly search for fulfillment. And that's no way to live, my love!


In this module, you will:

  • Discover your soul's purpose + mission.

  • Identify your unique roadmap to living with freedom and ease.

  • Learn how to live as your Highest Self every day.

  • Declare + share your personal story.

  • Understand how to deeply impact the world by living by your Human Design.

Module 2: b.o.o.p. Method mastery

Master this method and you will be unstoppable. This module will truly transform the way you show up in every area of your life.

In this module, you will:

  • Learn how to break free from your old restricting thought patterns.

  • Open your heart to radical self-acceptance and endless possibility.

  • Organize a new belief system that empowers you to step into your Hype Girl essence and tackle your goals head-on.

  • Learn how to live in your high-vibe and magnetic power as you manifest all that you desire.

Module 3: Impact BLUEPRINT

There is no one like you, so your fulfillment and impact gets to be specialized too.

In this module, you will:

  • Discover your Zone of Genius.

  • Identify and hone your innate strengths as an aligned woman, leader, and true boss babe.

  • Establish a foundation of self-practices to ensure you're never pouring from an empty cup.

  • Understand and implement the 4 "Impact Pillars" in your personal and professional life.

Module 4: soulful systems

Juggling all of the responsibilities of life can feel daunting and overwhelming. We often know what to do but lack the consistency, motivation, or support to follow through. Until now...

In this module, you will:

  • Discover your unique make up (Doshas) and how it impacts your rituals and routine. 

  • Uncover the cycle of your habits, work, and lifestyle to stay in flow vs. fighting against the current.

  • Become an expert energy budgeter and implement best practices to optimize your energy and aliveness.

Module 5: magnetize + monetize

Every nugget of info, aha moment, and bomb action plan has brought you here! You have the roadmap, you've honed your innate power, and you are ready to witness the magic unfold.

In this module, you will:

  • Become a magnet for the opportunities and success you've envisioned.

  • Engage in daily practices and rituals to remove what may be blocking your wealth.

  • Master your energy and open yourself up to total wealth and abundance.


There are so many biz strategies floating around the interwebs. Believe me, I've tried most. The problem? Having a set of "perfect" tools that worked for one person, doesn't mean they will work for you. But have no fear, I've done the trial and error for you!

You will gain access to my Soulful Business Library packed with step-by-step resources and done-for-you tools to :

  • Create biz systems that align with your archetype and purpose.

  • Identify your niche (and the lucky souls you get to serve).

  • Get clear on how to launch offerings, nurture your community, and create financial success with ease.

  • Refine a schedule and system that never feels like a "grind".

  • Create a fail-proof + soulful launch plan and growth strategy.


Here's what your Fellow Hype woman have said...

Don't just take my word for it.

"I wish everyone knew the power of what it feels like to invest in yourself. This program will be what your life needs. The program is so community based yet so individualized. You walk away with a team of women who will be your expanders for life. Who will literally be there for you...always. You will feel unstoppable. You become so self aware and intuitive that you really do vibrate higher. You almost feel high on life but also feel in control when life throws you tough times. When I talk with other women who are struggling with self limiting beliefs, lacking confidence, over apologizing, I exude what I have learned and can't help but feel empathy for the women who need some HYPE ;) in their life. Honestly it's hard to put into words just how magical this experience is...and that's not an exaggeration.
JENNY Weibel
"If you are looking to take your heart, passions or businesses beyond...this will take you there. Emily is the ultimate hype queen and facilitator of an amazingly supportive girl gang. If you are wanting to dive more into yourself and gain confidence this is for you. This is a program I have never experienced and I secretly just want to do the next one as soon as possible!!"
Kelby Arnold
image0 (8).jpeg
"The Boopbod Hype Girl program has changed my life, altered my trajectory and brought me back to myself. Emily has an incredible gift of guiding you through the "tough stuff" of owning your story, identifying your blocks and limiting beliefs in a way that you are left feeling appreciative of these parts of yourself and your life and excited to nourish yourself forward toward a destiny of your choosing and manifesting. You do all this surrounded by a group of women walking the same paths within themselves, it is truly a magical and transformative experience that I wish every one could experience!"
Tori Smith

I see you. 

this feels like the right fit,

but you have some questions!

Let me clarify the most common ones.

  • What is the time commitment? Will I be able to give it my all?
    I love you for having this question. You know that investing in yourself means carving out time in your schedule to show up fully. While you ultimately have control over the depth of your commitment, 3-5 hours a week is suggested. There will be a 90-minute group call weekly, new modules with content and exercises to work through on your own each week, plus a 60-minute 1:1 call ever other week.
  • What is Emily's coaching philosophy?
    Perhaps you've invested in a coach or mentor in the past (and even been less than satisfied with the results or care you received). And perhaps this could be your first ever mentorship experience. It is exceptionally important that you understand and align with the philosophy and scope of the coach you choose - this program or otherwise. With Emily, you will experience her skills across 5 areas: mindset mastery, embodiment (somatic practices), unconscious reprogramming, behavior change, and energetic healing. Through these various modalities, you can ensure to receive the exact support you need. Life is not one-size-fits all, and neither are you.
  • Why is there group support and 1:1 support?
    You're right. Often times, you either get to be a part of a group program or you invest in a 1:1 coaching program. For this experience, it was essential to Emily that both were incuded. She has experienced all types of programs and pulled the best aspects of each to make up this program. The 1:1 time is so critical to ensure you feel seen and get to reach the milestones you desire for yourself. And equally important, being in a group of like-minded women who are on this journey with you is inexplainable. The support and connection are unlike anything else. Both were a non-negotiable for this program.
  • What if I still have questions?
    Let's get them answered! The next step is to fill out the short application form. From there, once approved, Emily will reach out to set up a 30-minute Clarity Call where you can discuss all of your questions.
  • I'm so excited for this! How do I sign up?
    I am so excited for you! The next step is to fill out the short application form. Once accepted, Emily will reach out with further details including an opportunity to hop on a 30-minute Clarity Call. The intention of the call is to get your questions answered and ensure you both feel like this is the best program for you!
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