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Our teaching philosophy

Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training is a really big deal. It's a sacred and transformative experience. You deserve to feel fully seen, held, and pulled forward into your greatness by the program you dive into.

To better understand how we focus our training (as well as learn what you will master yourself as an empowering yoga teacher), check out the 4 "E"s of our YTT experience.

The 4 "E"s of our TRAINING



This is a no-brainer. You will learn A LOT in our 200-Hour training.  The study of the asanas (poses) paired with learning and practicing class sequences are a deep focus in our YTT. Equally paramount is your understanding of yoga history, yoga philosophy, and yoga beyond the poses. Your willingness to learn and soak everything up will allow you to be an empowering and impactful teacher.



We believe that your willingness to explore, be curious, and try on new understandings is directly correlated to the transformation you experience from this training. You will learn new things about your own body, your own yoga practice, how to safely cue to all bodies, how to craft intentional classes and workshops, how to live in alignment with your highest and best self, and so much more...if you're open to explore



Embodiment is the art of dropping out of your head and into your body to feel and BE in your experiences, in your power, and in alignment with your truest self. You will also be guided through many embodiment experiences to help you understand concepts further. This element is likely not offered in other YTTs and we feel it's essential for you to evolve as a human as well as honor your own unique teaching voice and teaching style while creating a yoga teaching life and/or biz you're crazy about.



You are an ever-evolving human. And guess what? Your teaching will evolve too! Expansion to us means continuing to be a student yourself, creating space to seek out inspiration, and trying new teaching opportunities that you feel called towards. We support you and your expansion deeply. Not only within the container of the 200-hour program but beyond. All of our 200-hour graduates are granted access to any and every YTT in the future - free of enrollment fees. 

Yoga Studio

Immerse yourself in the world of yoga.


deepen your personal yoga practice, discover the foundation of yoga that exists beyond the poses, Open Your heart and mind to Living more in alignment, and Leave fully equipped to teach safe, unique, and effective power vinyasa classes.


This program is for those interested in taking the first portion of the 200-hour training, those who are interested in teaching but are not ready to commit to the full 200-hour training, or those with no interest in teaching yoga but simply want to feel more empowered in their own personal practice.

level 1 training overview

level 1 curriculum:

  • Level 1 Manual

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Study of asana and alignment

  • Study of physical and energetic anatomy

  • Effective and purposeful sequencing

  • Teaching styles and voice

  • Practice teaching

  • Meditation and pranayama

  • Modifications for different bodies and abilities

  • Class theming

  • Becoming an inspiring teacher


Price includes:

100 hours of training,

Level 1 manual,

Confidence to teach a full 60-minute class!

Yoga Studio

The deeper you go, the higher you ascend.


delve into your unique teaching style, explore the energetics and healing properties of yoga beyond the poses, and embody the empowering teacher within you. 

Upon completion, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) - a nationally recognized certification that boosts your credibility as a yoga teacher.


Even if teaching is not in your vision for now, I highly recommend completing this level 2 training. We explore energetics and elements of yoga that will impact your personal life, and you never know...teaching yoga in some way may be in your future!

level 2 training overview

level 2 curriculum:

  • Level 2 Manual

  • Advanced study of asana and alignment

  • Advanced study of physical and energetic anatomy

  • Advanced sequencing

  • Hone your teaching style and voice

  • The art of assisting

  • Practice teaching

  • Class theming and special populations

  • Prepare powerful, focused classes and workshops

  • Teach classes outside of Power Vinyasa style

  • Teach from your love of yoga + learn how to empower your students


Price includes:

100 hours of training,

Level 2 manual,

Qualifications to register with Yoga Alliance,

Full-embodiment as an empowering teacher.


*Completing both Level 1 + 2 certifies you as a 200-hour certified yoga teacher.

hear from fellow world-changers...

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 7.15.30 PM.png

Boopbod offers a high quality Yoga Teacher Training Program. The knowledge , support and skills I learned are immeasurable. Emily is the most understanding, passionate, and caring Yoga Teacher I have ever met. It was such an honor and privilege to have her lead my teacher training. It has changed my life and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life sharing all I have learned!


owner of @yogacodsm

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