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We're bringing boopbod to YOU! Learn about mindfulness tools, move your bod, and discover how to find your happy healthy.

We want to crash your clubs, teams, offices, and businesses!

Do you want to motivate your organization?


Learn more about mindfulness?


Host a fun event at your business?


We're here for you!

All workshops can be customized to your group size, time allowance, and interests. Each workshop will come with discount codes on programs for participants, as well as tools and skills to take home.


Self-Made is our signature workshop, featuring all facets of boopbod including the teaching of mindfulness tools, a discussion on societal pressures as a woman and how to overcome them, a Flex + Flow class, and Q&A with E + B.

Hips + hops

Release tension in your hips, and release a little stress with some brews after! This workshop features a hip-opening flow, followed by brews, cocktails, and mingling time with the group.

Sweat now,
wine later

Earn your vino! A fun Flex + Flow class will get your heart rate up and build strength, followed by beverages and mingling with the group.

win at work

Work-life balance is incredibly important for a happy life, at work and at home. This workshop features our favorite stress-relievers, productivity tips, and "office yoga" that can release tension from our desk lifestyle.

Have your own event ideas?


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