Why did I create it?

I literally searched for a decade to find a planner that "had it all"...⁣but never found one.

So, I created my own!

I struggled to stay organized with my goals, to-dos, wellness habits, and mindfulness practices when I had to have a separate journal or planner for each thing.

And when I am consistent with these things...ohh baby, I can take on the world! 

When I'm not...⁣
overwhelm and anxiety take over! 


Can you relate?

If I really wanted to support all parts of myself...


I knew I had to create a place where all of my supportive daily habits and rituals

could live harmoniously together

And just like that, the Hype Planner was born!


(ok, ok, maybe it took months and months of creating and tweaking but alas,

she's here now!)


What's Included?

This 3-Month Hype Planner is packed with everything you need. It includes:

  •  gratitude journaling⁣

  •  brain dumping⁣

  •  checklist-making⁣

  •  daily prioritizing

  •  journaling prompts⁣

  •  space to dream

  •  goal-setting⁣

  •  daily, weekly, and monthly reflecting⁣

  •  intention-setting⁣

  •  weekly goal tracking

  •  space for meal ideas and grocery lists

  •  "The Daily 5" inspiration and tracking (hydrate, move, play, learn, slow down)

... the list goes on.⁣ Really.

Pre-order is available until

december 11th.


This will guarantee you have your planner before the new year!


Who is it for?

This planner is for the womxm who pours her time into others while often letting her own routines and goals slip away.

You deserve to show up for yourself every day.

This planner is for the womxn who knows how powerful gratitude, journaling, and intention-setting are but struggles to be consistent.

These daily rituals will become your superpowers.

This planner is for the womxn who desires to feel organized, empowered, free, and in total control of the life she's living.

You have everything you need already within you. This planner will bring out the best version of yourself!



How much does it cost?

The 3-month planner is $29 + shipping.

Why is shipping so expensive?

This planner is packed with pages of magic and therefore the weight results in a shipping rate of $9.95. The good news? This shipping rate is locked in. Order 2+ planners (to get you through 2021) and your shipping rate won't change.

Is there a start date/end date?

This 3-month planner is intentionally undated meaning you have total control and flexibility on when you dive in. There are 3 full months of content laid out for you to use whenever you are ready!

What size is the planner?

The planner (including the spiral) is 6.25" x 8.5" and 3/4" thick.

What's the return policy?

I have total faith that you are going to love this planner but should you be unhappy with it upon delivery, you have 14 days to contact info@boopbod.com about a return for a refund. 

Note: any used planners are non-refundable.

What if I'm unfamiliar with some of the mindfulness practices included in the Hype Planner?

First of all, high five and hooray for deciding to start! The first few pages of the planner break down how to use the planner (including examples) but should you have further questions, please reach out via email (info@boopbod.com) or social media (@boopbod). Emily would love to support you further.

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