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Identify Your Blocks

Whether you want to stick to a simple morning routine or launch your dream business, identifying how you get in your own way is essential.

This is the first step in your personal breakthrough!


Your blocks (limiting beliefs, conditioning, trauma, imposter syndrome, fear) are often viewed as IN the way.

The truth is they ARE the way forward for you. It's time to discover this shift in yourself.


This "new" version of you is not actually new at all. She has always been there. Through powerful embodiment practices, you will begin to feel what life is like through her eyes.

It's time to start living and acting in alignment with your true self.

Here's what to expect:

  • A deep dive into what's holding you back, real-time experience of moving through your blocks, and an unveiling of a more powerful and confident YOU.

  • A peek into the B.O.O.P. Method - my signature 4-step process for radical self-transformation (typically shared only with my Hype Girl Mastermind students)

  • Breathwork, meditation, and embodiment practices to amplify your breakthrough moment(s).

  • Spot-coaching from Emily to help you through any sticking points.

  • Connection time with other like-minded women!

Ready for your breakthrough?

Sign up for the FREE Masterclass below!

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