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boopbod ambassadors

The ultimate squad experience!

become a boopbod ambassador!

Our ambassadors are our elite squad members that love and represent the different facets of boopbod! Ambassadors receive perks for continuing to work towards their best selves with the use of boopbod programs and tools, while inspiring others to do the same.


When you support our mission, we support you! Whether you want to grow your yoga practice, build your own biz, or just need tips on kettlebell form, we got you! The freebies, discounts, love, and support outweigh the few requirements, because our squad members are likely already accomplishing them. We can't wait for you to join us!

Ambassador applications are OPEN! 

Application deadline is October 23, 2019.

the details:

How do I become an ambassador?

Check out all the requirements to ensure you'll be able to fulfill them, fill out our quick application form, and await a response from us on your acceptance status! Our ambassador program is inclusive, meaning you don't have to be the fittest or most zen to be a part of it. We're seeking passionate squad members who are excited about their own health journey and want to spread the boopbod love!


What are the requirements?

1. Be able to commit to a 3-month ambassador term. The upcoming term is October 27, 2019 - January 19, 2020 (you will be notified prior to the term start date on your acceptance status).


2. Actively participate in the running of the THRIVE GUIDE (you can get the guide for free or half off with your ambassador discounts), including posting to Instagram and/or Facebook weekly about your experience. Post requirements during the running of programs are 1 post to your Instagram and/or Facebook page per week. Your Instagram profile and/or Facebook posts must be public. Instagram and Facebook stories are also encouraged but not required!

3. Post to your Instagram and/or Facebook pages 2 times per month when a program is not running. We'll keep you updated on when things will be running, what the expectations are, and post ideas, so don't worry about keeping track of when and what to post! We'll also be monitoring your social accounts to make sure you're fulfilling the post requirements.


4. Spread the love to fellow squad members! We encourage our ambassadors to interact with our pages and one another on social media, find new friends in the squad, and motivate one another to be their best selves.


Awesome! What do I get for being an ambassador?

A whole heck of a lot! We want this to be as fun and as accessible as possible, not to mention, we want to personally help you grow into the person you're meant to be! Here's a taste of what you'll receive as an ambassador:

  • All the discounts! It wouldn't be an ambassadorship without discounts, now would it?! You'll receive a FREE boopbod program and 50% off all other programming during your ambassadorship. You'll also receive discounts on all other products, retreats, and Yoga Teacher Training. Wahoo!

  • Early access to new programs! As an ambassador, you'll be the first to know about new programs and you'll get to try out new workouts, flows, and mindfulness tools no one else has seen. You can provide feedback and help shape the future of boopbod!

  • Ambassador-only content! Each month, we'll send ambassador-only content that will help you succeed in your health journey! Monthly content can vary from yoga flows to our favorite recipes.

  • Referral bonuses! Each time someone uses your code to purchase a program, you will receive $10 to lululemon! Eeek!


Ambassador applications are OPEN until October 23, 2019.

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