What is boopbod?

Emily previously shared a blog post telling the story of boopbod, her mission, and the meaning behind the unique name. We wanted to reintroduce this information with additional thoughts and feels as our impact continues to grow and evolve. Whether you are a brand new follower or one of the OGs, we want you to know exactly who we are and why it matters.

Why was boopbod created?

boopbod was created to shift our perspective away from typical body image expectations. Fitness industry standards and social media can portray health and happiness in a false light, and it would be irresponsible for us to support a mindset focused on a specific physique or fad diet. Instead, we teach and empower every individual to identify their own unique version of happy healthy through our accessible programming and supportive community.

We all want to feel confident, happy, and energetic in our own skin. But how do you start? Where do you start? We are constantly bombarded with sales pitches, detox programs, and bikini body guides that promise our dream bod in every scroll, tv ad, and magazine flip. It is extremely overwhelming and intimidating!

That diet worked for them so it should work for me. That gym looks like it has good classes. Is this how my pants are supposed to fit? How do I use this equipment? Is peanut butter healthy? Am I stretching enough? What the heck is keto? What exercises will help me gain strength? Why haven't I seen changes in my body yet? Gosh, I suck. Why can't I stick to anything? I guess I'll just feel/look/live like this forever.

Does any of that sound familiar? You. Are. Not. Alone.

Not only are we constantly overwhelmed by the health and fitness world's high standards, but our society has forced us to focus on the wrong things. Heads up - a certain physique does not equal happiness. Of course, we all want to look good and feel good, but our focus should be on gaining more joy, strength, energy, mobility, and mental clarity. Our focus should be on feeling better in our clothes and how we move through daily life, not the number on the scale. boopbod's programs will absolutely create amazing changes in your physical body - but those are merely bonuses. It is essential we train our mind like any other muscle because when you get right down to it, sustaining a life we love starts with our mental health.

boopbod was created as an all-encompassing, one-stop-shop for anyone and any body to work towards living their best life - not a life of someone they follow on Instagram. It was created to help empower you to recognize your potential by providing you with all the essential tools to truly live your highest vibe life.

We know that taking on a new lifestyle is no easy feat but we have you covered! We've created easy-to-use programs and empowering content that make integrating these tools, like yoga and meditation, into your life simple and easy. Find what works best for you and be on your way to living your own version of happy healthy.

Why the name boopbod?

In short, Emily's health and wellness journey has always been inspired and supported by her dad. From him, she has learned to do things that bring her joy – regardless of outside influence. She learned to love drinking vegetables after consuming countless green shakes growing up. He taught her that moving her body is a gift and should be fun – evident in dad and daughter handstand play time. That’s normal, right? And most importantly, she has learned that human connection is essential for the soul. Cue great conversations and bear hugs - both 100% necessary!

A game that Emily and her dad used to play growing up was called "boop." It was simple. It was fun. It always resulted in a burst of giggles. And it even gave her dad a workout as it involved pressing Em up into the air repeatedly.

When determining a name for her brand, fueled by the desire to make health and happiness simple and fun, it felt right connecting it back to her dad and this game that embodied these things. And we all have a body - so bod just made sense.

boopbod it is!

Not boopbop. Not boobbod. boop. bod.

Once you get it, it's pretty dang catchy! We often refer to it as "boop" in casual conversation, if you're a nickname kind of person!

What exactly is a "boop" bod?

Which bod appeals to you? Bikini bod. Curvy bod. Jacked bod. Thick bod. Skinny bod.

Ok, great. Now remember when we said that a certain physique does not equal happiness? We meant it. We will never advertise any of our programs as "bikini body" or "get jacked" guides. While these body types might still appeal to you, we can guarantee that focusing here, on merely the physical body, will not be sustainable or lead you to your healthiest and happiest life!

Think of boopbod as ____bod.

A boopbod looks different for all of us and each body is celebrated. A boopbod means you are moving and fueling your body and mind in ways you enjoy. A boopbod is a body that exudes self-love and confidence. Ultimately, a boopbod is your dream bod and you deserve it!

As a brand, boopbod is a community of rock star humans that lift each other up. boopbod celebrates our abilities and progress, no matter how big or small. boopbod is more than a fitness brand. It is a refreshing and necessary shift in perspective surrounding what it means to be healthy and happy.

We want you to rethink your image. To find your happiest, healthiest bod. The one bod you get for life. Whatever that may look like for you. We hope you'll join us on the journey to finding your boopbod!


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