Boop Breakdown: Swing + One Arm Swing

The kettlebell swing and one arm swing are staple kettlebell movements that serve as building blocks to so many other kettlebell exercises. Meaning, we want you to nail these down! We've broken down the swing previously, but it's always good to refresh the stepping stones before trying something new! See Emily's breakdown of the swing below.

Swing Breakdown

Now that you've mastered the swing, it's time to drop an arm ;) The one arm swing is very similar to the swing with a few important nuggets to keep in mind.

One Arm Swing Breakdown

Here are a few important takeaways:

1. Shoulders + Upper Body Square

With the weight of the bell on one side of your bod, it can be easy to let your arm and shoulder be pulled forward. Keep your shoulders + upper body square! This can be made easier by tapping your free hand to the bell at the top of your swing or bringing your free arm to a racked position.

2. Adjust the Bell as Needed

Hiking the bell between your legs during your one arm swing can be awkward. Try turning the bell as you come down between your legs so your knuckles face your thighs. Be sure to return the bell to its starting position at the top of your swing, with your knuckles facing forward. Watch Emily's form in the breakdown for a visual!

3. Pack in Your Shoulder

Rather than letting your bell arm and shoulder be pulled forward by the weight of the bell, stay strong and squared by packing your shoulder into your back during your swing. You are in control of the bell, not the other way around!

Ready to give it a go? You're in luck! The one arm swing is featured in today's Thrive Guide workout. Don't forget to tag us in your guide check-ins!


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