Boop Breakdown: Leg Lift Crunch

Abdominals - they are SO important to support our lower back and give us stability, whether in a kettlebell workout or walking down the street. One of our favorite core exercises is the Leg Lift Crunch! It can be modified in a variety of ways and really targets those lower abdominals that sometimes get left out in other core exercises.

Leg Lift Crunch Breakdown

Here are a few important takeaways:

1. Seal Your Lower Back

This. Is. So. Important! Sealing your lower back will engage those important lower abdominals while also protecting your low back. You may notice this impacts your ability to lower your legs as far, and that's okay! And that point leads us to....

2. Adjust Your Legs as Needed

Your lower back staying sealed to the mat is much more important than how low you can lower your legs! You may need to bend your knees or not lower your legs as far, this may vary depending on the day as well. That is a-okay! Adjust as needed.

3. Bell is for Balance

In this exercise, the bell is there to support our upper body staying rooted. Your arms will stay straight and do little work, so don't be afraid to grab a heavier bell!

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