Boop Breakdown: Clean

Now that you're moving and grooving with your swing and one arm swing, it's time to bring even more power to your kettlebell lineup! The clean is multi-functional in that it's a great exercise on its own and we also often use it to get our bell into position for other exercises. We see this exercise done a lot, sometimes with dumbbells, and often with poor form. To get the most out of this movement and avoid injury, you're going to want to check out Emily's tips for the best clean possible!

Clean Breakdown

Here are a few important takeaways:

1. As Always - Zip Up!

Kettlebell training is always engaging multiple parts of your body, specifically your hip power and the stability from your core. The top of your clean should feel like a standing plank - strong quads, glutes engaged, belly button to spine. It may help when you first start to literally think of the word "squeeze" at the top of every clean!

2. Hand Placement is Key

There are a lot of quick moving (kettlebell) parts in the clean, so where you place is your hand is super important for transitioning. To start, your thumb is going to face back and your pinky forward to grab the bell at your feet. At the top of your clean, your knuckles should be facing forward. An easy way to check this is to look at your wrist, which is impacted by your hand placement. Your wrist should be strong and straight to support the bell and avoid injury. If it's not, try rotating your knuckles forward.

3. Start Your Lawnmower ;)

Your bell should not be flying forward and around to get to the top of your clean. You're going to use the strength of your back, lats, and shoulders to clean the bell up, as if you're starting a lawnmower. Like Emily said in the video, imagine you have a $100 bill in your armpit and you don't want to lose it! Keep that entire upper area engaged, keeping the bell tight to your body as you clean up.

We'll be cleaning away today in our Week 4 Thrive Guide workout, join us!


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