The announcement is...

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

Hey squad! I am so happy to finally spill the beans! Today's announcement is not only about WHAT is coming for also includes a WHO?!

That "who" is someone you have seen on occasion and perhaps someone you already know and love (she's so very lovable). I feel this has been a long time coming and am beyond thrilled to announce that you will have another coach eager to help you create your best life!

Please welcome the fabulous....

Please welcome the fabulous....

Beth Anderson!!

As of today, you have TWO coaches that are so excited to help you transform your life from the inside out. And we have SO much in store for you! Beth has literally been along my side since day one with boopbod. She has been a sounding board, the best cheerleader, marketing support (her expertise, definitely not mine) and most importantly she shares the vision of boopbod. It feels so right and natural to team up together.

We are on the same mission - a mission to empower YOU to create the life you deserve to live. Ideas and dreams I have had for boopbod are now coming to fruition with the support, enthusiasm, love, and expertise from Beth. We are ecstatic to share what is to come for the #boopbodsquad!

Be sure to mark those calendars! The 12 Days of boopbod starts on December 1. Get to know your coaches, learn all that is to come for boopbod, and snag a LOT of freebies!



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