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about us

We're two best friends with a love for early morning kettlebell workouts, coffee runs, sweaty power vinyasa flows, and a lot of laughs. We noticed a lack of well-rounded resources in the health & fitness industry that focus on all aspects of wellness - mind, body, and soul. Our programs will not only kick your butt
but allow you to tap into your mind and body on a new level.


We've found a few secret weapons that have transformed our personal lives - kettlebell training, yoga, and how we fuel our bodies physically and mentally. We're on a mission to help you utilize these same tools to start living your best life!

Emily Steines

Emily has always loved moving her bod (e.g., growing up, she would do handstand walks while her mom quizzed her for school exams) and her dad had her hooked on green shakes at a young age. Her conscious commitment to wellness, however, started when her high-energy lifestyle needed a calming strength. In 2008, she completed 200 hours of Power Vinyasa Yoga training through Amazing Yoga, a Baron Baptiste Affiliate Studio. In 2019, she completed an additional 300-hours of training, certifying her as a 500 hour RYT. 


Emily also completed the grueling RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) training in 2010 to become one of the first RKC certified trainers in Iowa and finds that yoga and kettlebell training complement each other perfectly. 


Beyond her passion for physical movement, Emily knows the way we fuel ourselves is essential for a fulfilling and happy life! Because of this, she became a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2010.


Through Emily's decade of experience teaching, training and witnessing transformation, she created boopbod as a means to connect all of these passions and incredible tools for others to access.

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Beth Anderson

Beth started her wellness journey after a childhood of refusing vegetables and physical activity, soon realizing food & exercise impact how we feel and began to change her ways. Her mom, a former competitive bodybuilder, sparked her interest in weightlifting in 2012 and her wellness journey has continued ever since.

Years of exploration led her to Emily's classes, forming her passion for kettlebell training and yoga. She dove deeper into holistic health and her desire to teach others grew. She completed 200-hour Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Emily in spring of 2018, is an RYT, and teaches locally in Huntington Beach.


Her personal and secondhand experiences with mental health issues have furthered her desire to help others find natural ways of coping. She loves spreading knowledge about the powerful tools of meditation and self-reflection to assist our emotional needs.


Beth is our resident marketing guru, receiving her B.A. in Journalism in 2017 from the University of Iowa, bringing years of marketing experience to the team. She loves bringing her passion for wellness, writing, marketing, and design to boopbod.

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what is unique about boopbod?

Learn how to effectively use the most versatile gym tool out there - kettlebells!
Build strength, burn fat, become more mobile, and so much more. Kettlebell workouts can be done anywhere, with little equipment, and a whole lot of fun.
Every workout is 30 minutes or less, meaning no excuses or boredom!
Find your flow and change your life! You'll improve strength, flexibility, digestion, stamina, mental clarity, and more.
Our classes range from gentle flows to power vinyasas, and are made for all levels! We pride ourselves on fun and creative flows. All you need is a yoga mat!
The food we eat, the thoughts we have, the relationships we share, and our environment
in which we live & work all fuel us and impact our health & happiness!
We share our favorite ways to fuel ourselves from recipes to meditations that help you live your happiest and healthiest life.


A community of loving and non-judgemental squad members is waiting for you! Connect with like-minded people, expand your knowledge, find accountability partners, and stay motivated.